Tsunami Preparedness Week in California (Mar 26-30)

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Tsunami Preparedness Week in California (Mar 26-30)


Everyone in California is getting the chance to test their Tsunami preparedness this week. Tsunami Preparedness Week runs from March 26 to March 30, 2018.  Many sponsored events are planned.  Use and search for #TsunamiPrep on social media.

Official Quote

“While the level of tsunami hazard varies along California’s coastline and according to what kind of event we’re expecting, everyone can prepare to survive and recover for all the tsunamis in our future. Start today by joining us in California’s Tsunami Preparedness Week and visiting TsunamiZone.org for all the ways you can participate,” says Kevin Miller, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Tsunami Program Officer.

For More

Head on over to TsunamiZone.org for more details.


Join us for Tsunami Preparedness Week and learn more at TsunamiZone.org! (PRNewsfoto/Earthquake Country Alliance)

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